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Tue , 25/07/2023 - 09:53

On 22 April 2015, the University of Zaragoza unanimously approved in its Governing Council the adhesion to the Charter and Code of Researcher Recruitment. 

Following the appointment of the new Rector of the University of Zaragoza, Mr José Antonio Mayoral Murillo  and his new Governing Team, a boost is given to the implementation of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers of the University of Zaragoza. To achieve this objective, the University of Zaragoza approved the appointment of a Steering Committee at the Board of Directors meeting held on 31 May 2016. This Steering Committee, made up of members of the University's Governing Team and management areas, have the mission to review and approve the proposals of the Technical Committee, as well as to set the political lines of the HRS4R strategy; a Technical Committee, made up of a multidisciplinary team of different heads of Secretariat Departments and researchers, who will monitor the technical level of the integrated project and will try to promote and ensure the progress of the project and prepare the documentation for each stage.

Steering Committee 

  • Vice-Rector for Scientific Policy (coordinator)
  • Vice-Rector for Teaching Staff
  • Vice-Rector for Internationalisation and Cooperation
  • Vice-Rector for Transfer and Innovation
  • Manager of the University of Zaragoza

Technical Committee 

  • Vice-Rector for Scientific Policy
  • Vice-Rector for Teaching Staff
  • Deputy Manager for Research of the University of Zaragoza
  • Director of the International Research Projects Secretariat
  • Director of the European Projects Office
  • Head of the EURAXESS Office of the University of Zaragoza
  • R4 Researcher
  • R3 Researcher
  • R1 Researcher

The group has held working meetings to monitor the implementation and progress of the planned actions and OTM-R practices. During these years, a series of actions have been developed and a series of documents have been generated that have enabled us to receive the HR seal of Excellence in Research, as well as its interim interim evaluation, following the steps set out in the strategy itself in its development in 5 phases:


  1. Internal analysis of the Institution to benchmark its practices on professional ethics, recruitment, working conditions and training against the principles set out in the Researchers' Charter Recommendation and Recruitment Code.
  2. The Institution develops and publishes an action plan to illustrate how it will adopt the Strategy.
  3. Reporting of the Action Plan to the European Commission which after review allows the Institution to use the Research Excellence Logo.
  4. Internal evaluation of the Institution after adoption of the Action Plan updating the Action Plan and external evaluation by the European Commission to suggest improvements.
  5. External evaluation by the European Commission for the maintenance of the label.

This strategy is disseminated through the EURAXESS European Initiative to support the mobility of researchers in the European Union. EURAXESS offers a wide range of information services and support to researchers who want to pursue their research career in Europe or who want to continue to be involved in research activities in Europe. 

We are currently awaiting the external evaluation, which is due by the end of 2022.

Related documentation:

The documentation shows the main documents generated for the different phases of the HRS4R strategy at the University of Zaragoza prior to the external evaluation phase. It also shows the presentation made to the researchers on proposals for improvement of the strategy in an online meeting held in May 2022